Friday, April 01, 2005

Searching for Some April Fools Jokes?

I remember back in the day when there were Easter Eggs (hidden fun peices of software) hidden inside Microsoft applications. We still talk about "planning the SBS 4.0 Easter Egg, or how the SBS 4.5 Easter Egg was so much better than the 4.0 Easter Egg.

Today (and for good reason), Easter Eggs are no longer allowed in Microsoft Software, and probably removed from most any major software release from any company.

That doesn't say that us Software Junkie's don't like to have fun, we just have fun in other ways.

For example, check out Google's April Fool's Joke. The new Google Gulp, Quench your thirst for knowledge, now with new Auto-Drink technology.

Or how about MSN's Search Spoof. I have to say that I think Microsoft out-did Google here. You simply put in some information about your "friend", and a fake search comes up with relavent hits. Definately a good one to check out, it even performs well if you define your own query.

Happy April Fool's Day