Monday, April 04, 2005

Need help on Group Policy?

You ever get the feeling, the more you learn, the more you need to learn? I certainly get that feeling. I think I need to learn something, I learn it, and find 8 more things I need to learn. It never stops!

For example, I was introduced to blogging a while back. So I dive right in. I think I have the hang of blogging now. At least my stats page is showing over 1200 hits /month :) . What's the next thing communities focus on. Wiki's!

What the heck is a Wiki?

Well, from what I know today, it's a community forum in which online people participate for the greater good to provide help to each other. At first I didn't believe it would work. My car was broken into a few months ago, how can their be people out there working for the greater good?

Well, from what I understand, it works. A good example of this is the Group Policy Wiki, setup by a few of my friends at work. It seems to be thriving, and provides a ton of useful information.

Channel 9 has a Wiki that also provides links to some other valuable Wiki's. So dive right in, just remember it's for the greater good!