Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kickin' it ... Old School! (re-mapping the F-Lock Key)

So you just picked up one of the slick new Microsoft Natural Keyboards, and you love it, I love mine. But the new format of the "F" keys doesn't cater to your old school needs. F1 is help, F2 is new, etc.

Well, there is help for your Old School needs!!

Jason Tsang, a Microsoft MVP points out how you can re-map the F-Key on his website.

Pretty handy if you're Old School.

Thanks to my 'l33t' friend Dan for this handy trick!


Jason said...

Thanks for linking to my page.

Just so you know, I just updated it recently to include information for people using USB keyboards (my previously published information only worked for PS/2 connected keyboards only).

I blogged about it here.

Sean Daniel said...

Thanks Jason, you kick butt!