Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks for Attending my Tech-Ed Presentation


This past Friday, I was in Los Angeles at Microsoft Tech Ed as I mentioned before. I didn’t have a slot targeted for high attendance: 9am Friday morning, after a big party.  But wow! 45-55 people joined to learn about Small Business Server 2008!

teched meI just wanted to send out a thanks for rolling out of bed to those that made it.  I also wanted to make sure my power point deck was available to all.  Of course, if you weren’t there in person, you lost out on:

  1. Seeing the demo’s in person
  2. Having the ability to ask me or Susan any question in person
  3. Seeing Susan Bradley, our “booth babe” as she called herself.
  4. Having a chance to win a copy of Windows Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed, written by Eriq Neale, co-authored by Susan Bradley.
  5. Obtaining a resource card on SBS resources.

I hope you enjoyed Tech-Ed, I know I did.

Check out Susan’s Blog for a roll-up, a discussion on backup, and our follow-up discussion on migration at the WESS booth.

Additionally, thanks to Susan for her help during the presentation and at the booth with Oliver.