Friday, May 29, 2009

Bing - The Decision Maker

Yesterday Microsoft announced "Bing", a new Internet search engine. The press release mentions how Bing is attempting to revolutionize search by changing the rules of being a "Search Engine" to being a "Decision Engine".

Clearly great search results are at the top of the list, but embedded within those results is organization to help you sift through the data faster, and more efficiently with computer assisted insight. Check out this virtual tour for more details:

On June 3rd, make sure you head over to Bing! for your first chance to try out the search engine.

Bing-it baby!


Anonymous said...

Try and search for "unusable crap" and check the top search result.


Allen said...

Hi, I think there are now new things in this search engine bing. Because MSN before it have these all features in live, but i think, new thing is of it. It is marketing.

SEO Reseller said...

People speculated Bing to fall far behind Google, but came 2011, they've got a market share of more than 30%- that's exceeding expectations for a 2-year-old service.