Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adding Items to the “Send To” Menu


One of the lesser used features of Windows is the “Send To” menu.  This menu enables you to copy any file to any other location within the “Send To” menu. 

I’m often on out on corporate shares and such and I want to copy files and folders down to my local PC for faster access, or I might just want to move things around my hard drive to get things organized.  Instead of opening up two Windows Explorer Windows, you can use the one, right-click the file you want and go to the “Send To” menu, and then choose to copy it to any location you choose.  But how do you update the “Send To” menu?


WinHelpOnline.com has a simple solution:

  1. Click Start and then Run
  2. In the window that opens type shell:sendto, and Windows Explorer will open directly to the “Send To” menu location.
  3. Simply create a short cut to the location you want to add to your menu, and close explorer

Now when you right-click and choose that “Send To” menu, you get the additional locations you need to make your life more efficient!

(More Details at WinHelpOnline.com, this also applies to Vista)