Thursday, March 19, 2009

Windows 7 has lots of New Keyboard Shortcuts!


Back when Vista popped out of the mother-ship, I posted a bunch of new hot-keys that could be used with Vista, and Win7 adds some more good ones!  I thought I’d list them out here, even though Windows Help provides a complete list:

Windows Shell Shortcuts

  • Win + Up: Maximizes the window
  • Win+ Down: Restore/Minimize the Window
  • Win+ Left: Snap to Left of Screen
  • Win+ Right: Snap to Right of Screen
  • Win+ Shift + Left: Jump window to left monitor (requires multi-mon)
  • Win+ Shift + Right: Jump window to the right monitor (requires mutli-mon)

Taskbar Shortcuts

  • Win+ T: Preview the first taskbar entry, press again to cycle
  • Win+ Shift + T: Preview the last taskbar entry, press again to cycle
  • Win+ (1-9): Launches an instance of the application in the 1-9 slots, (hint, use “SHIFT” as well to get a second instance

Desktop Shortcuts

  • Win+ Space: view the desktop (I like this one since I cycle my photography on the back and people always say “What’s your backdrop?”)
  • Win+ G: Bring the gadgets to the front of the screen
  • Win+ P: Open the projection options (this one is great for laptops!)

Explorer Shortcut

  • Alt+ P: Show/Hide the preview pane

Mouse Shortcuts

  • Shift+Left-Mouse : Open a new instance
  • Middle Click on Taskbar: Open a new instance


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