Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

The Official Exchange Team Blog just announced the release of their Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer. The connectivity check will allow you to choose what type of Exchange protocol you want to talk to your Windows Small Business Server on and prompt you for a particular user and it will tell you what the problem is for connecting to that server.


The Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web site for IT Administrators to validate and diagnose end-to-end Exchange scenarios.  The site simulates multiple Exchange client access and inbound SMTP scenarios from outside the customer’s infrastructure and reports whether the test was successful.  If the test fails, we tell the IT Admin exactly where in the process it failed as well as provide troubleshooting tips on resolving the issue.  See the screenshot below.


In this version, the tool provides the following end-to-end tests:

  • Exchange ActiveSync (v2.5 and greater… including AutoDiscover)
  • Outlook Anywhere (OL2003 and greater… including AutoDiscover)
  • Inbound SMTP

Note: The Outlook Anywhere test will fail when the server is running MOMT (e.g. an mailbox) since the tool doesn’t currently test encrypted RPC… but check out the detailed and clear error message!

Coming Soon

We will be expanding the Exchange scenarios in the next few months to include the following:

  • Outlook Web Access
  • IMAP
  • POP
  • Exchange Web Services

Quick demo


Get Microsoft Silverlight

Check out the short video describing the tool on TechNet Edge.  Or try the high quality version.