Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Released to Web!

Just as I was thinking that I’d been running RC1 of IE8 for long enough, Microsoft announced the release of Internet Explorer 8! I’ve been using IE8 for about a year now from Beta all the way up to today at RTM.  I know everyone usually says that Fire Fox 3 is better than IE8, but I really can’t tell much of a difference. 

Here are the things that I like about IE8

  • The "Accelerator" button – I used to only share pages on Facebook and Stumble, if they gave the “share” icon (similar to the one at the bottom of this post).  Now with the Facebook Accelerator installed, I can just right click a page and say “Share on Facebook”.
  • Compatibility View button – When developers haven’t had the time to update their IE code to the new CSS standards that IE8 conforms to, you can drop back to the IE7 rendering engine and view the page as it was designed.
  • This website now looks almost the same in Fire Fox as it does in IE8! Finally!
  • The IE team has a sense of humour with the Remembering the Internet video. Remember the Internet!

I still need to learn about Web Slices, but I hear they are useful, and there are about 1200 of them already!

Read More on Microsoft Technet Edge.

IMPORTANT: Do not install IE8 on Windows 7 Beta