Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SBS 2003 Groups don’t show up in SBS 2008 Console

For those of you who have Migrated from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 are probably looking in the console wondering where your groups went. In Windows Small Business Server 2008 the group objects are “stamped” in a specific way in the Active Directory to filter out the standard groups from littering your console.  Remember that SBS 2008 is built on top of Windows Standard Server.

To help the administrator focus on the groups that are important for your business, and reduce the clutter in the console, the groups are “stamped”.  Unfortunately you can’t do the stamping yourself without some serious AD knowledge and ADSI edit (like the Registry editor, but a download and far more dangerous to your system).

As a result, the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Active Directory Group Converter, has been released to do this “stamping” for you.  Check it out if you want to migrate your groups into the console from SBS 2003.

Some of our MVPs have already blogged about this such as Wayne Small.