Tuesday, September 02, 2008

SBS 2008 has shipped, EBS is next, prepare your Mid-sized Biz!

As you know, Windows SBS 2008 has RTM'd! ... And right on the heals of SBS, comes out the new Essential Business Server.  If you are a medium-sized business, or help manage a medium-sized business, and are anticipating the release of this product, why wait?  You can get started today!

The EBS team has provided a Jumpstart Online Kit that will help you determine, through a seven-step process if Windows EBS is the right fit for your business, including how to start or improve your Windows EBS Practices.  The tool includes checklists, resources and Return on Investment calculators to help you prepare and set you up for EBS.

Plus there is some marketing "Jumbo" as well.  :o)

Seriously, the tool offered to scan and offer you suggestions on your network is top-notch, over 90 checks and solutions taken from Microsoft's top-notch enterprise specialists support group, all boiled down into a single tool.  If you're running a medium-sized business on Windows, or planning to get EBS at some point, definitely check out the tools available at the Jumpstart Online Kit.