Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bob Muglia talks about his home Network

Over on TechNet Edge, Bob Muglia, Senior VP of Windows Server (yes, the guy who runs SBS, EBS, Home Server, Windows Server, SQL, etc.) talks about why he runs 9 servers in his home. Check it out:

Bob Muglia - Senior VP by day, IT Pro by night

The video is a tad old, but talks about what Bob does to help understand the small and mid-market spaces.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazingly insane setup for spending the evening at home. However it is encouraging that a Microsoft leader understood the need to actually do it in order to understand the customer's perspective.

The Silverlight video is so clear and crisp. If there is a public resource or could be one, can you please link to a tutorial for us bloggers who would love to emulate what you have done here?

Sean Daniel said...

Most Exec's at Microsoft run the products that they are responsible for. In fact, most employees do that too, I've run SBS and Home Server at my house since I started (or the product was available).

For embedding the video, I just click the Share Button, and copy the Embed link into some HTML for the post, and vola!