Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windows Live has their next Beta available to try out

If you’re an avid user of Windows Live Services, and software like I am, you might be interested to know that the latest beta software is out.  You can get it from their download site.

The new MSN Messenger has a completely new look (so far), with the ability to add Favorite contacts, and direct access into spaces.

I’m using the new Windows Live Writer to type up this blog post, and now I can preview it, and view the source!

But my favorite is the updated Windows Live Mail client, now with access to a personal calendar!  This is nicely bundled with a new release of Windows Live Calendar.  You’ll need a copy of Outlook if you plan on porting your old calendar objects to the new calendar, but beyond that, it seems very slick.  I can’t wait to keep playing with the new features!


Anonymous said...

Of course developers / users using a server os for a workstation are still screwed since the installer will not work. I do not understand the Microsoft mentality these days - Let's make our products work on just a few of our operating systems. I do not get it.