Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pimp Your Infrastructure!

Struggling with Old Hardware for your mid-sized business? Don't have the budget to upgrade this year? Well, Pimp My Infrastructure is coming to a down near you!

Today, the Pimp My Infrastructure contest started. To give you an idea of what happens, we've put together a little video:

It is customer directed, but if the customer submits their reseller name under “reseller”, the reseller receives a US$5,000 shopping spree from HP. There will be one winner in the SBS category and one for EBS. The contest closes on the 20th of October, so get started now!


Anonymous said...

Great video!!! That's hilarious!

Being an HP Reseller makes it even more relevant.

Though I'm not in the EBS market, I will have to look at my clients who who needs their SBS infrastructure "pimped". I wish I hadn't already installed the new server at my manufacturing client. They really needed a "pimped infrastructure".


Anonymous said...

Awesome video!