Monday, October 24, 2005

Getting "UserName" back on the OWA logon page

So, against Susan's wishes, I installed Exchange Service Pack 2 at home this morning before I headed into the office. Infact, it was installing while I was in the shower! Sorry Susan.

Anyways, I have folks who log into to check their email (AKA my grandfather), who would probably phone me if that didn't say "username". So I changed it. It was simple:

  1. Browse to the Exchsrv program files directory, mine is at c:\program files\exchsrv.

  2. Continue expanding exchweb, bin, auth.

  3. In this directory, choose the language(s) you're going to be serving up to the web and open each of these folders. For me, I opened the usa folder to change English only

  4. In the file, look for the line that contains CONST L_UserName_Text = "Domain\user name:". Now simply change the peice that says "Domain\user name:" to "Username:".

  5. Repeat for each additional language

There you have it, now when you're users go to the OWA logon page, they will just see the "Username:".


Anonymous said...

While in the shower before leaving for work Sean? You didn't wait to install it on your lunch hour over TS? Where's your sense of adventure? :-) Thanks for the path to the fix! Steve

Sean Daniel said...

Ah common, you can't do everything, I installed it on the Catfood production server at work through a TS session before a soccer match. :)