Thursday, October 27, 2005

ClearType Tuner Power Toy

So everyone in the office seems to be getting the same Dell Widescreen LCD monitor. Dang it's a nice monitor, and manages to satisify all of our apple-envy on their big montiors. Well, my manager stops by the other day and says to me "WOW! Those fonts look awesome, how come my fonts don't look that good?"

Easy-peasy. XP has a set of Power Toys, and one of those power toys is the ClearType tuner PowerToy (download link). It's a cool little control pannel application that when you run it, you choose which text looks better on your screen and click next a few times.

It's that easy. When you're finished, you're clear-type text will look great and people will marvel at your display, even if it is a cheaper one...