Saturday, October 01, 2005

A tad late, but Bill Gates on Channel9!

I know this is "Three Weeks Ago" according to the fancy Outlook 2003 groupings, but I thought I'd share it for those of you who haddn't seen it already.

Bill Gates was interviewed on Channel9!

And because everyone already asks, have I met Bill? No.

The closest I've been to Bill Gates was at an internal product fair after a company meeting. I was standing at the Small Business Server 2003 booth, and I was talking to one of my fellow employees (who knew nothing about SBS other than it was for small businesses), and my co-worker and friend was pointing to behind me with big-wide eyes. I saw him out of the courner of my eye and kept waving my hand as if to say "Hello! I'm talking to a customer here, stop being a goof-ball!", but sure enough, I had my back to Bill Gates as he was visiting the booth directly behind me (MS Baseline Security Analyzer)...

I missed my opportunity, but I did get another employee running SBS at home, so that has to be a good accomplishment in itself! :)