Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ratings of Anti-Spam programs

Spam is a huge problem, I can't believe how many spam messages I get. I know that when I was a JDP lead (which stands for Joint Development Parnter), I essentially did the VAR work for a company running beta SBS 2003 software in order to put the product into product before we shipped it. Their biggest complaint prior, and biggest win with SBS, was the amount of spam they reduced.

I found it cool today that Microsoft Outlook 2003 is the Best Spam filtering program available... at least according to this study.

Knowning that Outlook uses the same filtering as Exchange, you can totally use this to sell more copies of SBS! (is my agenda that obvious?)


Anonymous said...

If the technology is the same, why can't we have the same junk-mail filters that are supported (and do an excellent job) in Outlook 2003 in OWA?

Sean Daniel said...

You do have the same spam filter for OWA, it's called the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter. It uses the exact same technology.

Anonymous said...

I do have IMF installed - but it still lets a lot of items through, that the spam filter in Outlook 2003 (the one that has profiles updated monthly) takes care of. The result is that I see a lot more spam via OWA than I do when at my desktop. Are these the same technologies? If so, then it appears to be a real waste that IMF filters aren't updated more frequently (the most recent version I could find was published in February).