Thursday, September 01, 2005

Windows Media Player Doesn't have to be in the Right

So this is a rather lame post, meaning it's not really that technical. But I didn't know how to do this. Windows Media Player (WMP) has the ability to minimize to the task bar, so you can get a quick menu access to your songs and playlists, access to play, pause, stop, prev/next track and volume and mute. You simply right click the task bar, go to toolbars, and choose "Windows Media Player". Now when you minimize WMP it drops to the task bar ... on the right side.

Now with every other toolbar, I know you can move it around on the task bar, whether it's 2 lines, 6 lines or just 1. You can actually grab the handle in front of WMP and drag it anywhere you want on the start bar.

Seems weird that I didn't know this, but I figured I'd blog it in case. Worse comes to worse, it's up here so at least I remember it. :)


Anonymous said...

You'll find the XP Tray Control feature in the PowerToys for Windows Media Player.

Sean Daniel said...

Wow, that's cool, thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to help a genius tie his shoes! Your blog rocks. . .I'm SO glad that I could actually help you!

Anonymous said...

I had issues to but I found a good article at that was a good tutorial with screenshots on Microsoft Windows Media Player Mini-Player mode. worth a read if you want some better idea on how this works. I hope that helps, I really love this as it makes my screen a lot tidier.