Monday, August 08, 2005

Ah yes, reducing all forms of spam

Let's talk about spam for a second. My home SBS server gets roughly 30-40 peices of spam email a day. That's my home server! I think I finally got my IMF (Intelligent Message Filter) settings just right. I get 2-3 of these a day into the junk email filter of Outlook, and probably 1 per week that actually lands in my inbox. Not terrible by any means and I'm quite happy with it. Of course I do have Multiple Layers of spam filtering as I mentioned earlier.

Now I only wish I could get spam filtering on my snail-mail box (that's the USPS mailbox sitting outside my house). Today a site passed through my inbox that I just had to share. Using the Opt Out Prescreen website, you can opt-out from getting those 0% credit card offers, which I get 2-3 of those a day!

Why not save the paper people, we already know you toss 98% of those in the garbage!


Anonymous said...

You're sure that the site is legit right? I'm extra paranoid now days with all the identify theft cases.

Sean Daniel said...

Most of us at the office have done it, no one left their SIN number thoug