Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Exchange SP2 is Coming

For those of you who don't know, Microsoft is working on a service pack 2 for Exchange. If you didn't know, then.... SURPRISE!!

Let's talk a bit about what's going into it shall we?

Lots more work is being done to help on the front of Anti-spam with SP2 of Exchange. Specifically new and improved filters are being added to

  1. Connection Filtering

  2. SMTP Filtering

  3. Content Filtering

  4. Inbound mail processing rules

More information on how the SP2 will handle Anti-spam is already posted live over on the EHLO blog Post on Service Pack 2 Anti-Spam Framwork.

More security around mobility is being put in place, including remote Wipe and policy infrastructure (which won't be fully realized until the 2005 version of Windows Mobile is available to the public. Again, the EHLO blog's post on Remote Wipe has the nitty gritty.

Offline Address Book
And of course, less exciting, but still neccessary is changes to the Offline Address Book. Go Go Gadget EHLO blog post on OAB version 4.

Of course there is other funtionality too, but we have to keep some surprises don't we?