Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More Registry Fun with SBS Backup

An MVP asked me the other day; "how do I make backup appear like it's not been run?". It occurred to me to post a little note on the registry key:


I'm not going to tell you what all the settings do, as I think the names are pretty intuitive, but this is the location in the hive that the Backup Configuration Wizard uses to store all it's settings. If you remember my SBS Backup Hack on how to swap between tape and disk for the backup target, all I did was manipulate the registry.

How do you make Backup look like it was never run, just delete the entire /Backup registry, the wizard will run like it's brand new.

Of course you'll also have to navigate to %sbsprogramdir%\Backup in the shell and delete the Backup Results.xml and Small Business Backup Script.bks to give it a completely fresh start.


Anonymous said...

Can the same mechanism be used to add the results of a separate ntbackup job into the server performance report ?

Sean Daniel said...

Yep, you'll just have to manually change the scheduled task.

dazzabozza said...

Is there a way to increase the default amount log files (on the Server Mangement backup page too) of 10 to a higher number?

It would be useful to identify a pattern of faulty tapes.


Sean Daniel said...

Unfortunately no, I'd schedule a batch file to robocopy those out to a new location. You might want to change the filename to the date of the copy... might be easier to follow it.