Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Super secret hidden disabled items

So I'm running Lookout on my laptop, I can't get it to appear in the tool bar. Works like a champ on all my other machines. In resolving this one, you know what I find? A new place in Outlook (very uncomon for me to find a new place in Outlook) that disables "items".

Once an item gets into this list, Outlook owns you, the item will never appear, no matter how many re-installs of the app you do.

Check your list:

  • In Outlook go to Help, About Microsoft Office Outlook

  • Click on the button Disabled items at the very bottom of the page

  • Is that plug-in you can't get loaded in the list?, Remove it from the Remove list

Now we're back in business, and in my case, full text search.


SBSRocks said...

Great find Sean. What was this 'feature' designed for? Troubleshooting?

Anonymous said...

Just go to the "Programs" folder on your pc and go into the "LookOut" folder. Double click on the Registry Key that is in that folder. Let it install it's self to your pc's registry. Then the next time you launch out look LookOut will launch as well.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Lookout wonderful??!!
Don't forget to add your archived Outlook PSTs to the index. (I make a new file for the new year, so I had to remember to index that file, too.)