Monday, October 04, 2004

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Blogging isn't new to me; I've been following blogging, and specifically
some blogs (listed to the left) for quite some time now. I've been
planning on adding a blog to since Susan Bradley sat me
down about a year ago and said "have you heard of RSS feeds?". It's not
often when someone can come up to me and ask me if I've heard of
something on the Internet and I have to say no.

So began the investigation that has been completed with this weblog.

I thought I'd make my first post a qualification about this blog. I
wanted the blog to be hosted on, stretch the limits of
SBS, I pursued the route of using the ASP.Net .Text blog application.
The setup, while confusing, looked possible on SBS without much trouble.
Then I started thinking about Syndication. Running this site out of my
home on home-user bandwidth, with even a few people syndicating the site
every 15 minutes (if I'm so lucky) would be higher bandwidth traffic
then I wanted to offer out of my house.

Time to look into hosted blogging.

Why did I choose Well, first of all, it happens to be
linked in with my trusty Google toolbar ( So I
can blog easily from any webpage I'm surfing on the web, second, my
friend (Jimbo) started using this blog engine, so it was kind of mutual
to help each other figure things out, and finally, the graphics on are just really cool!

Also, enabled me to get the look and feel of,
without having to serve up syndication feeds. All the graphics on this
website are loaded from, which might slow load time a
little, but I'm ok with that. If you got to the blog from, chances are the graphics are mostly cached on your local
client anyways.

So that's the story, here I am blogging.

What's the topic you ask? I'm planning on keeping it pretty much the
same as the rest of; everything. If I can get around to
it, I hope to have random thoughts, possibly some good jokes, some
tech-tips, and a touch of SBS that I actually can share with the

Oh, and for those of you who know my "day-job", this website is not, and
will remain unaffiliated with Microsoft. Postings here are as is,
confer no rights, and do not represent the thoughts (or support) of