Thursday, October 09, 2008

Changing the Scroll Wheel speed on the Samsung Jack (BlackJack II)

Just picked me up a Samsung Jack, I love it.  It’s responsive, it’s got the full tactile keyboard (touch screen wasn’t doing it for me), and it’s been flashed to Windows Mobile 6.1 from the Samsung Support Website (Simply search for “Windows Mobile 6.1” and you should find it).

The only drawback of the phone was how slow the “wheel” scrolls.  This is configurable in the Registry.  Simply browse to HKLM / Software / Samsung / KeyRun.  Push the Values button, and look for WheelSpeed.  Change the value to 0, and close the registry editor, no reboot required.

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Aristarkhos said...

There should be a scroll wheel setting in the Settings > Buttons section of WM. :)

Sean Daniel said...

That's where I was expecting to see it! Samsung needed to put that there.... too bad they didn't. :(

Aristarkhos said...

Ah, Ok. So these sort of little additions can be done by the mobile manufacturers with an SDK? I thought it was an MS thing.

Sean Daniel said...

I'm certainly not a Windows Mobile SDK guru, but I'm guessing they could have, given that you can program the Fn+X key's in there. That's certainly device dependant.

This is my 7th Windows Mobile device, and 3rd Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher device, so a lot is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. So I'm thinking of this as a good guess on my part.


Aristarkhos said...

7th device!! "My word!" :D