Thursday, August 21, 2008

Windows Small Business Server 2008 RTMs!

Today, at 11:00am, the entire SBS product team crowded into the Ship-room conference room (most likely a fire violation) to sign-off and celebrate the release of Windows SBS 2008 to the wild.  After 3-4 years of sold work on the product, it's time to set it free, time to let it run in the wild.

This has been a HUGE release for this team, of which the following things were accomplished:

  • The team integrated not only across team, but across time zones (China, India, United Kindom, etc)
  • The team integrated multiple companies (OEMs, Domain name providers, etc)
  • The team released 2 private betas, 2 public betas and 2 release candidates
  • The team processed over 2000 pieces of feedback from the community betas
  • The team doubled in size
  • The team continued to fully support SBS 2003, while building a new product, SBS 2008
  • The team dunked our Product Unit Manager in whip-cream.

This is a huge milestone for the product team, we are very proud to reach this point, and we are excited to give you Windows Small Business Server 2008!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sean and team! I'm sure that the rest of the SMB world is ALMOST as excited as you are. I can't wait for it to hit the Action Pack!

Anonymous said...

According to Microsoft at it should be shipping with the Action Pack in October.