Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SBS 2008 Install Certificate Package Error

Lots of people in our Beta program have been using the Install Certificate Package, and lots of people are reporting an error to install the certificate on their client computer.  When you get this error, the log file that appears in the same directory looks something like this:

8/21/2008 7:12 PM
OS version is 6.
Initial the CDP dialogue.
PC Radio button is clicked.

8/21/2008 7:12 PM
OS version is 6.
Initial the CDP dialogue.
Install the cert on PC.
Opening cert store.
Failed to add cert to the store. Error Code: [-2147024891]
Initial the Finish dialogue.

The key thing to note here is the piece in red.  This specific error code means "Access Denied". 

Due to the fact that Certificates can only be installed by local administrators, you need this type of permission.  That means on Windows XP, you need to be logged into the machine as a local admin, or on Vista, when it prompts you to elevate, you need to provide admin credentials.


stryqx said...

If the line in red means "Access Denied", then it should %^&$ing well say so!

We've moved on from the days of 60s/70s computing and the field manuals with the lookup tables for codes to English description. QA/QC/UAT/whatever-your-acronym-is should not be allowing this type of nonsense to occur!

Granted, the number in parens should still be printed in parens (hex might be a better choice though - more search engine returns for this), but the number should, nay MUST, be returned with a locale-friendly description. The sooner you beat this into your developers the better!

Sean Daniel said...

Yep, this is unfortunate. The tool is optomized for Vista, and allow prompts you for credentials, so you never really see Access Denied on a Vista machine.

Unknown said...

I am running Vista Ult x64 and running normally or as admin both cause this same issues, is there something else other than general permissions this could mean?

David Murphy

sash said...

Well tried with Windows7 (local admin, Domain admin even run as admin) but still same error, any comments?

Sean Daniel said...

a lot has changed since this post was made. this was 6 years ago, and the price of paid certificates that are trusted has dropped substantially. I highly recommend going to a trusted cert at these days.

Additionally, with another 6 years of leaps in phone technology, it's possible that this tool no longer works with the phones that you have in question.

suggest you check out this link: http://webdesign.about.com/od/ssl/tp/cheapest-ssl-certificates.htm