Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Curious about the SBS 2008 migration process?

Today the Small Business Server User Assistance team has finished writing up the technical documentation for the Migration from both Windows SBS 2003 to Windows SBS 2008, as well as Windows SBS 2008 to Windows SBS 2008.  The documentation is available on the Windows SBS 2003 Technical Documentation Library.

Direct links if you're interested are here:

But wait, there is more, what if you're on site and you don't have access to the web while doing the migration.  The UA team has you covered there with the offline, complete migration help CHM File.

Get familiar, use the Public Beta to practice.


stryqx said...

The links in the Note section for "Windows SBS 2008 to Windows SBS 2008" aren't right - they point to the Troubleshooting section. The links for the Note section in "Windows SBS 2003 to Windows SBS 2008" should also be verified.

The CHM file is still dated 30/06/2008. Is this still the latest version?

Terri Schmidt said...

Great catch - I have updated the links in the Notes section. The CHM is the latest. Due to localization work, we will not update this content again until September.

Sean Daniel said...

... and Terri is our documentation manager, so I can't really add any more value on top of that!

Anonymous said...

Now I could be wrong, but it looks like there is no Upgrade option. So does this mean we have to migrate or do we have the option to upgrade a Small Business Server 2003 to Small Business Server 2008?


Sean Daniel said...

Hi Tim,

You are correct, Migration only. Upgrade is not available because of the change of technology from x86 to x64. Please see my other post Where is my next version of SBS?.