Thursday, March 16, 2006 gets a new look!

My First Blog Post was back on the 4th of October.... 2004!!! That's over a year that this blog has been in existance. And with this being the 234th post (I know, Susan does that in a day) I finally exit the 90's look and feel and push forward into the present day UI.

Yep, Square edges are out and Rounded corners are all the rave.

So, rounded corners you shall have. So, for all you RSS feeders out there, be sure to click on the track back for this one and check out the new look and feel. I still have some kinks to iron out (Google is right, I can't remove the search bar at the top... CURSES!), and I've got some painting issues (yes, painting is a dev term. It's the one you used to swear at when the Exchange server went down and Outlook 2000 just stared you blankly in the face, with a huge white square in the middle of it's UI. I can't say I miss those days)) to work out.

But for now, the look is new, it's fresh, and according to the Internet "Cool" squad, it's got rounded corners. 21st Century, here I come!


Sean Daniel said...

So it appears that the theme doesn't look as good in IE6 or FireFox as it does in IE7. I've been playing with it for most of the night and I just can't seem to get it perfect. Google isn't helping either, I think they add some server side code before they actually publish my blog. Grrrr!

Well, I think since most of you will be using IE7 very shortly, I will stop playing with it for now and attempt to figure it out later.