Thursday, March 23, 2006

Changing the Storage Location of your E-Mail and Attachments on your Windows Mobile Device

As you can probably imagine, here at Microsoft, we get a little bit of mail. Let's just say if my rules break, I get roughly an e-mail every 10 seconds. With my rules in place, it's more like an email every five minutes. That's a fair bit of mail.

Now I'm the type to stay somewhat on top of my mailbox, perhaps I don't have as many meetings as others, or perhaps I'm just a junky. Plus, I'm a fan of keeping the inbox clean. However, some folks keep their inbox far less clean than mine. It's not wrong, it's just how they choose to work.

The problem is that Windows Mobile Devices, by default store all this email and attachements in the main memory of the device unit. That means those 2GB miniSD cards are of no use to you, except to store your massive mp3 collection.

Well, Mike Poulson tells us how to Modify the registry to store email and attachments on the MiniSD card. The steps are copied here for completeness:

I have my 2125 (aka HTC Tornado, aka HTC Faraday, running Windows Mobile 5) and one of the things I needed to do was to store my email messages and attachments on my Mini-SD card.

I posted about an app that one could install that would do this a few weeks ago. But that app is broken (sets the wrong reg key).

So I thought I would just post the reg Keys that one needs to change to get outlook mail to store on their mini-sd


AttachPath String “\storage card\\mail\\attachments” (no quotes)

PropertyPath string “\storage card\\mail” (no quotes)

Now you can store that massive inbox on your device and keep more mail!

Thanks Mike!


Anonymous said...

So... does anybody want to find out what happens when you pull the card out?

Sean Daniel said...

haha, I know if you choose a ring-tone that's on your card and pull the card that the phone no longer rings, so... that's my best guess. Good luck with that. :)