Monday, March 13, 2006

ISA 2006 Beta!? Sweet, let's SBS'ize it.... or not.

Dear Early Adopters,

It has come to my attention that ISA 2006 Beta is available. Furthermore, it has come to my attention that people are antsy to get this installed on the Small Business Server 2003 boxes (hopefully not the production ones).

While I don't normally post "future" things on this blog, I figured now would be a good exception to that rule. I hope to continue to break this rule in the future, of course, within reason.

Anyways, back to the ISA 2006 topic. I'm not sure why Small Business Early Adopters are trying to install ISA 2006 on SBS as the feature set is limited for Small Businesses. As noted on the ISA 2006 website, most features are targeted towards large or enterprise customers and have no functionality or need in a small business: but as an early adopter myself, I know there are you guys 'n gals out there who just want to be first.

Well, I beat you. :o)

ISA 2006 cannot be configured by the Small Business Server tools. Those tools include:

  • Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard - yes, the "fix everything wizard" will not work.

  • Remote Access Configuration Wizard

  • Change IP

These tools error out as they are not configured to work against the new API set provided by the ISA team.

Bottom line is the Beta of ISA 2006 does not work on SBS 2003. More information will be posted on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 F.A.Q. later this month on how much support will be provided for ISA 2006 on SBS.