Thursday, May 19, 2005

SBS SP1 -- Availability at LAST!

It's been a while, too long in my opinion, but we finally did it! Windows Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 1 is available! Get it today from here.

Why should you install it?

Well, other than it being the *most* secure version of Windows Small Business Server, we are running it here at the office, I run it at my home, and all of our MVPs are running it also!

Make sure you read (or at least skim) the release notes before you install. The release notes are available for:
The clean install version
The standard upgrade version and
The premium upgrade version

Enjoy the new service pack, I do.


Anonymous said...

But I didn't understand - why ISA2004 could not be installed from other media? For example - delivery of Premium CD take about month to other parts of the world, so we could not install SBS SP1 because it will break FW (as documented in release notes)

Anonymous said...

Do you guys realize that Windows update downloads and installs SP1 for Server 2003 on a SBS? I installed SP1 about a month ago (obviously it is the wrong version). Can I install the correct version right overtop of the SP1 that I have now?

Sean Daniel said...

Looks like there are two things here

1) ISA 2004 - I appologize that you have to wait for media, but this is a preventative measure against piracy. I really hate when you have to do that, but we do. Sorry

2) Windows Server SP1 from WU a month ago is the EXACT same Windows Server SP1 that is on CD1 of the upgrade package. You don't need to un-install it, simply just apply SBS SP1 (on CD2 of the upgrade package) and you're finished. You do not need to un-install the Windows Server SP1 before applying our Service Pack.

Anonymous said... we could not install SBS SP1 because it will break FW (as documented in release notes)
Are you sure? AFAICS, the release notes does not mention anything like that. I must admit I am somewhat dissappointed by this whole ordering Premium Technology CD c*ap. Don't you think we have waited long enough? I mean, if the customer want to download it, let them download it.
BTW, is the version of ISA 2004 on Premium Tech. CD the same as the standard ISA 2004. Can I install standard ISA 2004 after applying SBS2003 SP1. I know I might be breaking the EULA here, but I am desparate for ISA 2004.

Sean Daniel said...

I totally hear you on the ISA FW problem. I guess I'm not a VAP and I never understood any urgency for a FW app, especially if you already have one. Perhaps someone could post why there is an urgency (so I can better understand your point of view).

Yes, you can install full blown ISA 2004 purchased from another source onto the server. I strongly recommend removing it and then installing ISA 2004 from the package CDs when you get it. Simply from a price point perspective.

Anonymous said...

...but this is a preventative measure against piracy.
I don't understand, when is the last time CD's prevented piracy :-P
Is it OK to install the SP1 now and wait for ISA 2004 CD, will this break anything?

Anonymous said...

1. A few of our line of business applications requires site to site IPSec VPN connection to third parties.
2. I am running a cheap VPN appliance in parellal to ISA 2000 to overcome this, but some of the users are using it to bypass our proxy.
3. I need the ability to restrict certain hosts from either side from accessing certain servers.
4. Also there is the issue of our IP phones not working through ISA 2000.

Sean Daniel said...

Ah, that makes sense, but if you have issues with ISA 2000, what have you been doing from when ISA 2000 came out until now? And why can't that be the case for 10 more days? I don't understand the urgency..