Monday, May 16, 2005

Makin' it Easy to Access Your Desktop

I like watching people use computers. Yes, sometimes it's extremely painful watching someone do something very slow that you could probably do it in about 2 seconds, but hey, you learn new ways to do things.

Here in the office we have a lot of mail to send with attachments (links to bugs, log files, etc). Naturally, like any user, when you're saving things, its easiest to save to the desktop. Unfortunately, when you want to drag and drop these things into the desktop, you can't get at them if you've got a full screen mail client going on (again, like most users).

Should you scrap the attachment?

No! You can get easy access to your desktop simply by adding the "Desktop" tool bar to your task bar. Simply right-click the task bar at the bottom of the screen (or where ever you put it) and point at Toobars and select Desktop.

Now you can click on the arrows next to word "Desktop" and you can see all the items on your desktop!! You can drag and drop from here too, which makes it nice and easy to drop log files into those email messages.

Moreover, you can put any folder here by simply going to the same location, but choosing to create a tool bar from any specific folder. You can drop shortcuts to programs in this folder and create your own quick menu's!


Interprom Inc. said...

Sean this seriously gets my vote for tip of the year! How cool!


Sean Daniel said...

Wow, thanks Gavin, and I almost didn't post it...

Anonymous said...

An extension to this top tip for those with limited screen space would be to create an empty toolbar somewhere and create links to other folders in it.

The only downside is that shortcuts to folders are expandable when clicked so to get around this you could use NTFS junction points ( to 'route' any folder you like here.

For example I have a toolbar that contains an expandable folder to my desktop, my documents, common documents, and another containing remote desktop shortcuts to my servers.

My right index-finger is feeling better already :)