Thursday, March 24, 2005

How do I get Help from Microsoft?

The SBS "Diva" has a great post on how to contact Microsoft to get technical support.

But what she didn't mention is the great support provided in the newsgroups. Microsoft hosts some public newsgroups that can be used to get help.

Here is the beauty of it. You can get help simply by posting, Product Support may or may not answer your question, but the rockin' SBS MVPs may also answer your questions!

Now if you're not getting a response, you can simply register your posting email address and Product Support will guaruntee you an answer.


Bill V said...


I'm certain it just slipped her mind, however I certainly agree. You've helped me recently with an issue or two on the NG. Most Appreciated!

Bill V

Sean Daniel said...

I just think she didn't want to pat herself on the back for giving such excellent newsgroups support herself! All of our MVPs rock!