Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Getting Ctrl+Alt+Del to work in different scenarios

If you haven't heard of a Microsoft MVP, you're not spending enough time in the community. These folks really help you out! Specifically the "blog-a-holic" Susan, or as known by her friends, the SBS DIVA.

Yesterday, she had a blog post, which I somewhat take for granted, mind you, I've been assimilated. :) How to Shutdown was posted on how to shut down a box remotely. But it goes further than this, really, what Susan is getting at is how to get to the Ctrl+Alt+Del box when you're in a remote desktop window and so forth. Not only can you shut down from here, but you can change your password, get to the task manager, logoff the box etc. Very useful screen.

Here are some of the ways to get to this box in some different scenarios:

  • On the local box - Ctrl+Alt+Del

  • In a Remote Desktop Window - Ctrl+Alt+End -or-Start -->Windows Security

  • In a Virtual Server machine - Right-Alt+Del

Enjoy your free access to the Windows Security dialog.