Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fast User Switching

I know, I've been slacking this week. I appologize for that. Red-eye flights across the continent for a weekend trip to visit the folks will cut into your ability to think straight and actually remember to post.

Anyways, Rambling finished.

Since I've been trying to get my media center set up at home on my domain so I can manage it from the server, I've been looking into Fast User Switching (FUS). FUS is the feature required to be running in order to support having media center extenders to function (the xbox, or just the regular one, although I'm not sure anyone would buy just the regular one when you can get the xbox for cheaper... unless of course the power off button is that important to you).

Well, I stumbled upon a posting at The Old New Thing, which I believe is one of most senior developers here at Microsoft. In his blog post, he mentions why FUS wasn't enabled on Windows XP clients. And moreover, he talks about LongHorn and states that it will! Very exciting news.

Enjoy reading his post.