Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Changing the OWA timeout

I use OWA quite a bit. I think that stems from having two Exchange accounts. One at work and one at home, and you can't have two Exchange accounts in one profile. (Boy would it be nice to have RPC/HTTP to my home server and to my work server at the same time!!)

Anyways, one of my biggest problems is I like to leave both mailboxes open all day long (No I'm not actually that popular, but I like to believe that I am). The problem is, when I choose "Private Computer" on the logon page to OWA, the extended timeout gets set, but that timeout is just not long enough.

A co-worker helped me find this article on Forms-Based Authentication in OWA 2003, which provides some insight.

Looking at the registry value of HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeWeb\OWA\ there are two keys:

  • PublicClientTimeout - the time for when someone chooses a public client (default of 20 minutes)

  • TrustedClientTimeout - the time for when someone chooses a private client (default of 2 hours)

So changing this to 1440 (24 hours), I can stay logged in from work all day!


Anonymous said...

Thankx Sean this is just what he asked for,

Sean Daniel said...

Sweet! glad I could help out!