Friday, December 10, 2004

Still waiting on Adobe? Speed it up!

So a while back I was looking for a copy of Adobe 3.0. Why? Because I was tired of waiting for Adobe to load just to show me a simple PDF file. How many plug-ins does Adobe have to load to show me a PDF?

Well, I came across a blog with the answer! Darrell Norton posted about how to move the plug-ins into the optional use for Adobe after it's installed. Wow, what a difference!

Here is the jist:

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to c:\program files\adobe\Acrobate 6.0\Reader\

  2. In the plug-ins directory, you see all the plug-ins that get loaded (quite a few). Move the plug-ins that you don't wnat to load into the "Optional" directory and you're done!

So what are these plug-ins? Darrell's got you covered again.

In fact, to help out even more, here is the list of items that I have kept in my plug-in's directory:

  • Printme folder

  • AcroSign.prc

  • IA32.api

  • printme.api

  • Search5.api

  • Search.api

That's all there is left, and I don't even see the splash screen anymore it loads so fast. Finally, I can start using Adobe again.


Anonymous said...

Or event better: download and install Foxit PDF reader, it loads in 1 second where adobe reader takes 15.

I've used for a year now it's great, free and wicked fast.

Regards Jesper Hauge