Thursday, December 23, 2004

RPC over HTTP won't work

So, for the past 3 months my grandfather (my only other user on my home SBS system) has been complaining that he can't get his email via RPC over HTTP (Outlook via the Internet). I tried running him through some steps over the phone, the steps all looked right. Had to push him to OWA.

Well, I just figured out what the problem was, and I'm not sure how I got into this state, but the server was forcing the wrong type of authentication type! ".NET Passport Authentication". GRRRR

So, I simply changed it back to Basic and he started working again! Here's How:

  1. Open Server Management and expand Advanced Management, Internet Information Services, {ServerName}, Web Sites, Default Website

  2. Now right click on the Rpc virtual directory and choose Properties.

  3. On the Directory Security tab, click Edit under Authentication and access control.

  4. Ensure that .NET Passport Authentication is unchecked, so you can ensure Basic authentication is checked!

But don't worry! your password isn't really sent in clear text, since you're sending it through a 128bit SSL encrypted channel.

Making this change on the back-end, enabled my Grandfather to reconnect and download his e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Helped me get RPC over HTTP working!!
Also noted that in SBS 2003 the default Directory Security denies access to all IP addresses so changen this to allow access to all IPs as you will be manageing access by the previously described user authentication.

Sean Daniel said...

Glad I could help out. Please make sure you run the Configure Email and Internet Connection wizard to turn the IIS directories out to the Internet as it does some more configuration behind the scene to make sure things work optimally for your network configuration.

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