Friday, December 03, 2004

Google finally picked up their own Blog!

As you probably know, this site is hosted by Google, it was primarily chosen because... well, there is no real reason, it has it's pro's and it's con's. It was available before MSN Spaces, it's not hosted on my own box and.... well here are the rest of my thoughts on that.

What I found most amuzing was that I couldn't find my blog on the Google search engine, heck the "search this blog" at the very top of this page didn't work!

Comon Google, it's your own blog.

Well, finally, it would appear that the search above is working and a search for seanda on Google returns this blog as the 3rd link!

Of course if you search for Sean Daniel you'll learn quite a bit about the director who shares my name, but never see this blog.

Well, onto the good news. You can search this Blog!