Friday, April 01, 2011

Best of April Fool's Day 2011

Well, I had a post ready for today for WHS 2011, but it's no joke, so I'll save it for Monday... I have enjoyed what Google has done for April Fool's day, and a few other companies too.. I figured I'd post my favourites here. I discovered Google's courtesy of Mashable's best.

I definitely like the GMail Motion as my favourite, are they teamed up with XBOX?

Or perhaps their job posting about becoming a Google Autocompleter

Google also allowed you to search for "Helvetica" or "Comic Sans" and return the search query in that font

Some of my other favourites are Linked-In suggested you might know Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and other characters. had a "Rebecca Black" only home page. And the online gaming site re-wrote their entire blog in hand writing. changed their home page back to Netscape 4 style.

And last but not least. ThinkGeek introduced their "Apple Store" set, with optional "line"


Anonymous said...

Check out this prank press release from a Boston alarm company:

Alicia said...

great work and really like this :) SBS Support rocks