Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta


Looks like Microsoft’s new Anti-Malware software is available for download in beta.  I’ve been running the Alpha for a while now on my Acer Aspire One Netbook.  I like it because the Acer has limited resources. I’m running Windows 7 RC on the Acer, the Live Essentials for email, messenger, and I wanted to protect the laptop because it jumps between networks often.

I like MSE because:

  1. It’s invisible.  I’ve opened the UI twice, once to see what it looked like, and once to perform a scan because it hadn’t been on for a few days, but even that was superfluous, as you can just click “yes” from the Action Center
  2. It provides “hero” statistics when I want to go and see them (ie, opening the UI), but otherwise, it’s completely invisible, just silently protecting the Netbook
  3. It uses very little RAM and processor power, essential for my Netbook
  4. It’s Free, Once this is RTM, I can toss out the OneCare yearly fee I pay for my grandfather, my sister, my parents, and even my cousins! (yes that’s right, it’s easier for me to pay than it is for me to explain the value in them paying).

So if you wanted to try out the new Security Essentials, you can today!