Monday, January 19, 2009

Small Business Server 2008 Update Roll-up 1 Released Today!

Folks, as you saw over on the Official SBS Blog, the Update Roll-up 1 Released today!

This update has a few things included with it.  First, the security tab incorrectly displayed the spyware/malware status of clients with Vista SP1.  This is largely due to an API change that happened, and depending on the 3rd party solution you’re using for this, you may or may not have gotten correct status.  Now it should be fixed 100% of the time!  The second issue is not a security issue.  It’s when the Internet Address Management Wizard unexpectedly exists.  The problem here was a race condition when setting up the server for browsing to domain name providers website.

The update will be available on Microsoft Update, most likely starting tomorrow, if not, shortly there after.  It’s also noted as KB 958715.

Huge thanks to the SBS Sustained Engineering team for pushing this one through