Monday, January 19, 2009

Has Downadup, Conficker, or Kido got you?

Looks like another worm has poked it’s nasty head above water, time to double check and make sure your Anti-viruses are up to date.  The Worm jumps from PCs to PCs on the local network by brute force guessing passwords, installing an HTTP server and download malware onto the system. I mean really, don’t these computer “geniuses” (also known as hackers) have anything better to do with their time.  Imagine if they wrote productive software! has an article that you can learn about it’s infection of 8 Million Business PCs in 1 week.  But what you really need to know, is that Microsoft has released a patch for this already, and a security bulletin.  Ideally, you should make sure that MS08-67 is installed to prevent a Vulnerability in a service to allow remote code execution.

Get your worm shot.