Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Independant Software Vendors supporting SBS 2008 at Launch

If you missed the launch of the Dream Server, you can probably still catch the recorded sessions.  I wanted to take a moment to shout out to our ISVs who did a lot of work during the development phases of SBS 2008 to make sure that you had such wonderful options for additional software and services that works well with Small Business Server.  Below is the ISV launch badge, which are the ISVs that responded to use with fully functional software or services that works with the feature sets of SBS.  This list can only grow from this day forward.


I know beyond the list above there are other solutions that also work with SBS 2008.  Remember the golden rule.  SBS runs on top of Windows Server 2008, so if the software is certified to run on Windows Server 2008, it’ll most likely run on SBS 2008.  Want more detail? Just consult the catalog.