Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don’t just Use SBS documentation, Add to it!

We all (hopefully) by now know about the SBS 2008 Document Library up on Technet. which has links to product help and whitepapers and all sorts of goodness related to the SBS 2008 product.  We also all know this has been growing over time as the User Assistance writers create more and more documentation.

Did you know that you can add to the documentation, your experience, extra pieces of information you’ve discovered.  That’s right, the SBS documentation is just a solid foundation to get you going, you can update the documentation to include added pieces of information as well.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, is you are never alone in trying to do something.  If you want to do something, chances are there is someone else on the Internet wanting to do the exact same thing!

Let me show you an example; I was looking for the information to manually configure a domain name. (I happen to know this is in the pipe to be published, but isn’t yet), and you come across this documentation on how to set up your Internet address.  As you can see at the bottom, I’ve added information on how to configure the domain name manually, linking to the Official SBS Blog.  You might want to add something to this same post.  Say you’re working with a domain name provider that has particularly tricky UI, and you had to call support to figure out how to navigate it.  Why not click the Add New Content link and type that up, so others can benefit? 

Just look for the community Content section, and click Add New Content