Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Public Preview Now Available!

I know a lot of you are itching to get your hands on the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Public Preview build.  Well, it's finally available for your testing pleasure.  To obtain the download, you should point your browsers over to the Technet Eval Center.  This will allow you to download the actual ISO images of the build.  Please keep in mind the following notes about the ISOs

  • DVD1 - SBS 2008 Standard edition
  • DVD2 & DVD3 - Windows Standard 2008 server (your second server for Premium edition)
  • DVD4 - SQL Server standard edition also for premium

Also to note, this version is not supported in production, and has a 180 day time-bomb.

Finally, we are interested in your feedback, to provide feedback or participate in the newsgroup for the product, point your browser over to the SBS 2008 feedback over on Connect, register and provide feedback, suggestions, problems, and read the newsgroups to fully participate in the Public Preview.  You can file new issues, or vote on existing issues and suggestions.

Here are some neat things to try:

  • An un-attended setup via the answer file
  • Buying and automatically configuring a domain name
  • Adding client computers to the network
  • Configuring server backup, and doing a disaster recovery test (you will need an external USB drive for this)
  • Configuring an SMTP smart host, with authentication if you have it.
  • Sending reports & customizing your own server reports

To learn more about the Public Preview, our Group Program Manager Dean talks about it on the Official SBS Blog.

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