Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Windows Live for Windows Mobile available

Do you have a Windows Mobile device? Interested in getting IM, Search and your Hotmail down to your phone? well, now you can, with the new Windows Live Mobile!

Point your Windows Mobile devices here: http://wl.windowsmobile.com 

There is something to be weary of though:

Q: Why am I seeing duplicate contacts when I choose to save Windows Live contacts on my device?

A: Upon first time sign in to Windows Live, if you choose to save Windows Live contacts to your device’s contacts store, they will then be accessible via the Windows Mobile Contacts application and will appear alongside the contacts you have created on your device (either manually, via Microsoft Outlook, or via Exchange ActiveSync). If you did not check "Merge duplicate contacts", Windows Live contacts that have the same First Name and Last Name as contacts already on your device will appear as duplicates. If you checked "Merge duplicate contacts", a merge will take place but there will still be likelihood that some of your Windows Live contacts may not be merged correctly.


Note: Standard is the Smartphone, non-touch screen version, and Professional is the Pocket PC touch-screen version.