Monday, June 25, 2007

The Small Business Server Tech Library is now Live!

Our writing team has managed to put together a technical library of documentation up on TechNet. The direct link is here.

Some key advantages include:

  • Access everything from one location: All SBS product documentation is now in one central location, easy for you to find!

  • Search content: Use the search tool to search for a term or phrase throughout the entire SBS product documentation library, KB articles, TechNet, and more.

  • Provide feedback: Use the voting tools to submit your feedback and add comments about the quality of the information.

  • Watch it grow: Because of your comments, we’ll update the content on a regular basis.

Enjoy the new content!


Wallyb132 said...

This rocks! SBS if finally growing up and getting its big boy britches!

i take back all those mean things i've said about you guys... well, maybe not all of them, but most of them!...

Anonymous said...

Well add this one to the library. Along with my boss and supplier Signa in Toronto, we found out SBS 2003 will run nicely on DUAL / QuadCore Xeon system, 4 gig ram with two (2) terabyte of Raid storage... as long as you are installing from SBS 2003 SP1 media.

I found out the hard way it didn't like SBS 2003 RTM... :(

Mind you, saw all 8 cores in uses and all the ram available! Sweet!

Sean Daniel said...

Passed along to the doc team, thanks Sean