Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Sneak Peak into Cougar

So, it appears that you enjoyed my last post about where my next version of SBS is. Well, I was surfing (my email) and this handy link of what's coming in Windows Server 2008 appeared.

As you know, Cougar's base operating system is based on Windows Server 2008. Many (but not all) of the features that come with Windows Server 2008, are available in Small Business Server. I unfortunately cannot speak to which features appear, and which one's don't.

But hey, nothin' like another teaser eh? I feel like a movie trailer, except I can't show you all the scenes and make you not want to go out and see the full-feature! :)

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The McAvatar said...

With Exchange 2007 out in the wild and Windows Server '08 launching in November 2007, what is the expected timeframe for SBS 2008 (Cougar)?

Sean Daniel said...

All I am publicly able to say now is sometime in 2008. :o)

Sorry I can't be more specific.